The 10 Most Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

This article will discuss about Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US


When Indian students travel abroad to study, they value having part-time work. Part-time work helps with financial costs and gives you social connections and work experience. Part-time employment provides you with a comprehensive understanding of student life and culture. You are only permitted to work 20 hours a week and only on campus, by the requirements for American students’ visas. When classes are in session, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week; when classes are not in session, they are permitted to work up to 40 hours per week.

On-campus employment at American universities is not that tough to come by. Additionally, these occupations are tailored to follow all visa requirements.


Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

Here are the top 10 on-campus positions available at American institutions.

  1. Assistants in catering and food runners: University cafeterias and restaurants may hire catering assistants. These positions are ideal for students enrolled in hospitality programs since they allow them to gain practical experience in catering. Other students can still choose to work in this position, though. Who would want to miss the aroma of baking cookies?
  2. Sales Positions: Since they enable international students to socialize, sales jobs are among the greatest part-time employment opportunities in the United States for foreign nationals. It not only enables them to supplement their income but also to integrate into the new community. Students can work as sales assistants at the campus food shop, bookstores, apparel stores, and other businesses.
  3. Academic Department Assistant: This clerical position requires you to sort and file paperwork. For information on the opportunities available, ask your department head. Students studying in the field typically receive preference from departments. Working in your department allows you to get to know instructors and develop professional relationships while learning how your department runs.
  4. Library Watch: Maintaining order and calm in the college library and overseeing study spaces are duties of this position. You will have plenty of quiet time at work to catch up on your studies or prepare for an impending exam. Thus, in addition to earning some extra money, you will also find time for your academic work. Or, if you love to read, this profession gives you an excellent chance to discover new authors and works.
  5. Teaching Assistants: If you are committed to your studies, you can apply for these academic positions as a teaching assistant. There are two types of profiles: “teaching fellows,” often graduate students, and “teaching assistants,” who may also be graduates but have fewer official duties like distributing and collecting assignments. Since there are hardly any formal openings for this position, networking with your instructors is essential if you want to land it.
  6. Tour Guide: Prospective students, candidates, and their parents like taking campus tours in the United States. Guided and paid tours are simply a means to understand the campus better because American campuses are so large and contain significant historic architecture. You can accept this position when you are sufficiently familiar with your school and in your second, third, or fourth year of college. Your employer in this position will be your college’s Admissions Department. Giving group and private tours and speaking with prospective students about everything the college offers are all parts of this job that demand you to be outgoing and gregarious.
  7. Peer tutoring: Similar to how you could mentor your juniors and peers in India, you could mentor students in American institutions. A formal tutoring position can be available if your university offers an educational resource center, and you can apply for it. Sports-focused colleges frequently hire tutors to work with athletes who don’t have enough time to devote to their studies.
  8. Campus Tech Support: Inquire about available assistant positions with your local computer support department. Look for a job at the computer center of your college if you are computer literate or majoring in a technical subject. The availability of tech assistance in libraries, classrooms, and laboratories at all US institutions makes this a crucial career position to occupy. In addition, you won’t have to work unless necessary, allowing you to concentrate on your studies when you have free time.
  9. Production Assistant: American universities are renowned for their emphasis on extracurricular events, including plays, concerts, dances, and comedy shows. All of these events demand a ton of technical and backstage labor. Therefore, if you enjoy cultural acts, this is a terrific profession that will pay you well and allow you to attend shows for free while you work.
  10. University Book Store Assistant: Every university has a bookstore on campus that sells school supplies, course materials, reference materials, and works of fiction. In addition to the convenience of living on campus, you might also be eligible for employee discounts on textbooks, office supplies, or other items. To find out if there are any job openings, get in touch with the bookshop manager directly.

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