The Best Places To Retire In Italy In 2023

One of the most well-liked travel locales in Europe is Italy. It’s also a fantastic alternative if you’re considering retiring abroad. Due to its delicious cuisine, quaint villages, and pleasant climate, the nation is recognized as one of the best places to retire. Italy has substantially lower living expenses, including rent, than the US. If you’ve always wanted to retire in Italy, scroll down to the section below that outlines the best places to do so.

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Why Choose Italy to Retire and Live?

Here are some benefits of relocating to Italy: A higher standard of living La dolce vita, which translates to “the sweet life,” is the Italian term describing a slower-paced, more relaxed way of living. More than anyone else, Italians are aware of the turmoil that may ensue from losing perspective and being bogged down by the demands of daily life. As a result, they promote a more relaxed lifestyle by promoting passeggiata (a leisurely promenade) and pennichella (the Italian siesta) and valuing the little things in life. The Italians approach living a simple life by making the most of every moment and using their time effectively. If there is anything the Italians do that we might learn from, it is how they do it.

Low Cost Of Living

The good news is that a higher level of life only sometimes translates into a higher cost of living in Italy. The most significant differences in the cost of living between Italy and the UK are seen in the categories of travel, lodging, and entertainment, which are roughly 24% less costly. You may make every dollar you’ve worked so hard for going a little bit farther for yourself by retiring to Italy. Italy is, therefore, the perfect location for a lavish retirement or those looking for a cultural change at a fair price.

The Best 7 Locations in Italy to Retire and Live

The following list will help you choose the ideal location in Italy to retire and live:

  1. Milan is the best Italian city in which to retire and live.

Milan is a city with a great deal of diversity that is also energetic and trendy, like a fashion center should be. However, Milan is primarily a working and commercial city, and it comes with all the benefits and drawbacks that go along with it. Like any other European city, Milan is chaotic, congested, polluted, and has an overwhelming quantity of concrete. For urban fans, it provides a terrific way of living. There are museums, exhibitions, cultural events, and entertainment alternatives all year round. The restaurants and cafés provide food from all around the world. Milan is a commercial city, yet it is also Italian. This suggests Roman origins and rich history. Milan was known as Mediolanum when it was a Roman capital, and its walls may still be seen today.

  1.  Brescia, Lombardy: Top Italian Cities for Retiring and Living

Brescia should be at the top of your list if you’re a youthful worker. In this well-known ex-pat city, a substantial multinational community of all ages resides. Among other things, Brescia is well known for being a financial hub. The city is home to several national and international banks and financial institutions. Thus, Brescia attracts individuals who value an active lifestyle. There are extensive bike and pedestrian paths and a gorgeous outdoor promenade with various restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, nightclubs, and other services. Start your job search in Brescia if you are in the financial sector.

  1.  Bologna, Emilia-Romagna: Best Locations in Italy for Retiring and Living

If you want to live an intelligent life, Bologna can be the best city in Italy for you. The University of Bologna and other well-known institutions are located in central northern Italy, where residents greatly value education. Due to the college and other educational institutions, the city has a diverse population that includes people of all ages from abroad who live, work, and study there. Bologna is an important cultural hub in Italy. For instance, this area was named a City of Music by UNESCO and is also rich in other arts.

  1.  Padua: Top Italian Cities for Retiring and Living

Like many other towns and cities on this list, Padua is adjacent to another well-known Italian metropolis. Padua is just as beautiful without the hordes of visitors or the possibility of floods. The city of Padua is friendly to pedestrians. Foreigners may afford to live close to the city’s center and can walk to practically all destinations, including restaurants and shops, thanks to the low cost of living. Additionally, it has a reputation for being kind and welcoming, which may be a considerable comfort for someone attempting to start a new life abroad.

  1.  Pisa, Tuscany: Best Locations in Italy for Retiring and Living

There is much more to Pisa than its famous Leaning Tower, even though you may already be aware of it. Although this charming Tuscan town is 90 kilometers from Florence, it has far reduced living costs, which is perfect if you have a fixed income. Even though it is tiny, the city has a vibrant nightlife and is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, Massaciuccoli Nature Park is located close enough. It is secure, has lots of shops and restaurants, and has lots of vineyards and museums. You will only sometimes need a car if you live in the city’s center.

  1.  Rome: Italy’s Best Cities for Retiring and Living

Any list of excellent Italian cities to live in must include Rome. Rome, one of the biggest and liveliest cities in Europe, offers a variety of attractions for visitors, from ancient ruins to cutting-edge restaurants. Rome is crowded, pricey, and a favorite destination for travelers, but it nonetheless exudes a certain allure. It includes a lot of what Italy offers in terms of positive traits. The abundance of people and cultural elements from all over the country gives the impression that you may explore Italy without ever leaving the city.

  1.  Sicily: Italy’s Best Regions for Retiring and Living

Ex-pats are drawn to Sicily because of its meager living expenses. On the island, there are already a lot of international residents. In Sicily, individuals are urged to linger over a carafe of regional wine while taking their afternoon breaks and in cafés since life, there goes slowly. Beautiful beaches, deserts, mountains, and more can be found on this island. Wherever you reside in Sicily, you will have easy access to practically everything, including the vast international airport in Palermo.


Due to its climate, gastronomy, and wine culture, Italy is frequently mentioned as one of the best locations for ex-pats to retire. Furthermore, Italy is famous for having a higher-than-average standard of life, a relaxed culture, and a cheaper cost of living than most other European countries. Whether you seek a bustling city atmosphere or a peaceful village nestled in the mountains, Italy has a location for everyone.


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