10 Banking Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship In 2023

Do you enjoy working in a flexible environment? Are you an individual with a problem-solving attitude, curiosity to find the right solutions, and good customer service? Are you seeking an opportunity to live and work in Australia with a visa sponsorship? This article is right for you. Here, we have curated a list of 10 banking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship, the employment requirement for the role, and How to apply for banking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship in 2023.

Banking Jobs In Australia with sponsorship
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Employment requirements for a banking job in Australia

To succeed in a banking role, you must have the following;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting, business, or its related field
  • Industry experience with finance or banking is an asset
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work independently, with initiative and flexibility;
  • Ability to multitask in busy environments
  • Problem-solving attitude and curiosity in finding the right solutions
  • Ability to demonstrate strong technical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong background in face-to-face customer service, with experience handling cash accurately and quickly
  • Excellent attention to detail

How to apply for visa sponsorship for a banking job in Australia in 2023

A sponsored visa job enables an individual to legally live and work in Australia. This sponsored visa can be either a Temporary or permanent visa. A permanent sponsored visa offers more rights than a temporary visa, as it allows an individual, unrestricted working conditions.

Due to the limited timescale, many don’t consider temporary visas, but Australian companies are more likely to provide their foreign employees with one at first before the permanent visa. Before a sponsoring employer considers sponsoring a permanent visa, you need to prove that you are worth the investment, and you have four years to do that.

To apply for a visa-sponsored job in Australia, you need to;

  1. Find an employer who wants to recruit overseas workers or who wants to sponsor you.
  2. The employer must be a registered sponsor
  3. The employer must nominate the position they wish to recruit for
  4. After the nomination and sponsorship forms have been lodged, you can apply for the visa.

Ten banking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship in 2023

The following are the banking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship

 1. Banking consultant:

Provide seamless end-to-end customer experience by advising customers on appropriate products and services; help solve customer financial needs problems; promote, Introduce, and assist customers with digital banking products; complete over-the-counter transactions efficiently and efficiently in a timely manner.

2. Business Banking Manager:

You will work closely together with a team to manage a portfolio of SME customers, build genuine personal connections with customers to expand the financial services they use, and ensure that clients’ needs are met.

3. Customer care specialist:

Assist customers in managing their day-to-day banking across a range of products and gently provide support and extra care to clients facing challenges in meeting their financial commitments.

4. Senior relationship manager:

Builds strong relationships with clients while working closely with them to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and analyze and identify trends that can improve organizational procedures.

5. Senior analyst, Banking regulation:

Research and develop strategies to handle emerging prudential risks; assess general and specific risks in financial institutions and their control systems; monitor the financial position and outlook of financial institutions.

6. Finance & operations officer:

The Finance and Operations Officer is responsible for the daily administrative and operational tasks for the finance, banking, and investment transaction activities.

7. Account receivable banking officer:

Responsible for managing daily cash balance activities, completing end-to-end banking payments accurately, including daily allocation of designated direct deposits and payments and reconciliation of bank accounts.

8. Manager, Business Banking Solutions:

Supports the operational management and balance sheet growth of the BBS Business, accountable for all revenue and risk activities involved in providing customer solutions.

9. Relieving officer:

Please work with your Branch Manager and colleagues to deliver outstanding customer results, understanding the bank’s offerings and knowing the right specialist to refer customers to for their more complex needs.

10. Assistant manager: 

Assist Relationship Manager in developing sustained business growth while maintaining sound risk management; assist clients with internet banking, merchant facilities, credit cards, and other electronic transaction; analyze client’s financial statements, annual review of financial performance, and lending facilities;


There are many opportunities for individuals, both new and experienced, in the banking industry with a lot of exciting benefits. Australia is an excellent place to settle for individuals looking to relocate and develop their careers and skills. The information in this article will guide you to land your dream banking job in Australia with visa sponsorship.



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