10 Best Health Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions In Australia.

A person purchasing private healthcare coverage is primarily concerned about pre-existing conditions and whether a health insurer will cover them. However, it is necessary to understand pre-existing conditions and how it impacts your coverage. Finding health insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions is possible in some situations. This article will walk you through the 10 Best health insurance with pre-existing conditions in Australia.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is any sickness, disease, or injury you may have taken medication, advice, or treatment for, or you know the symptoms before starting a health insurance policy.

Some of these pre-existing conditions you may wish to state to your insurer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cancer or cancerous condition.
  • Heart condition.
  • Any respiratory condition.
  • Diagnosed circulatory condition (including hypertension).
  • Psychological or psychiatric disorder (including depression or anxiety).
  • Other ailments for which you are taking prescribed medication or treatment.

How to select health insurance with a pre-existing condition

You can choose health insurance with a pre-existing condition through the following ways;

  • Recognize how pre-existing medical conditions influence insurance
  • Evaluate available options to pick the best coverage for you
  • Free assistance and direction on top health insurance plans

Getting health insurance with pre-existing conditions depends on the type of private medical insurance you selected and the condition; hence, it’s good to be clear on your options.

How does health insurance with pre-existing condition work

Naturally, health Insurance with pre-existing conditions works by exempting that specific medical condition totally or for a few years until you are categorized as being ‘free’ from it. This rule may not apply to some pre-existing conditions based on their severity. It is best to understand the available options for you.

Considering various private health insurance plans, a policyholder will get coverage for a pre-existing condition that they have been free from after a preliminary period of two years; this is referred to as the moratorium underwriting. For some insurers, being free from an ailment means you haven’t gotten any medical support for that condition over the past five years.

How to Purchase health insurance with a pre-existing condition

It will help if you compare health insurance policies and providers to determine the policy that is suitable for your needs. Individuals with pre-existing conditions can still buy health coverage with any insurer. You only need to serve a waiting period before you can get your insurance benefits.

Waiting periods for pre-existing conditions

According to the 2007 private health insurance Act, health insurers can enforce a 12-month maximum waiting period on hospital coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The maximum waiting periods include the following;

  • Two months for rehabilitation, palliative care, and psychiatric care, whether or not you had a pre-existing condition
  • 12 months for medical treatment for pre-existing conditions
  • Two months for new conditions or accidents.
  • 12 months for hospital-substitute treatments for pre-existing conditions

For extras cover, also known as general, there is no limit to the waiting period as the insurer decides. The health insurer can extend the waiting period as long as they want regarding extra covers. Waiting periods are necessary to prevent people from taking out hospital cover anytime they need medical attention or treatment. Suppose a new policyholder decides to stop membership; their treatment expenses will be sorted by longer-term members, which is unreasonable.

Final words

It’s necessary to consider all available options concerning health insurance with pre-existing conditions. Conduct your research and compare different policies, as different policies have different definitions for a pre-existing condition. Also, you should check with a healthcare professional to be clear on the precise needs of your pre-existing condition and how they may influence your health insurance.



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