10 Best Health Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions In The UK

Health Insurance is intended to give rest of mind when it comes to issues regarding medical conditions. It provides coverage for medical treatment so that you can only focus on getting better. This article will examine the 10 Best health insurance with pre-existing conditions in the UK and how it works, the pre-existing conditions covered by health insurance, options available for health insurance with a pre-existing condition, and how to buy health insurance with pre-existing conditions.


What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is an injury or ailment for which you have received advice or treatment. It’s a medical condition in that you have experienced symptoms before the start of your insurance.

Health insurance in the UK
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Pre-existing conditions covered by health insurance

some examples of pre-existing conditions covered by health insurance include the following;

  • Conditions affecting your bones or joints
  • Any form of cancer
  • Gastrointestinal or digestive tract conditions, e.g., Crohn’s Disease
  • Heart conditions
  • Psychological or psychiatric conditions, e.g., depression
  • Circulatory conditions such as a stroke, high blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Glaucoma
  • Ulcerative colitis

The list of a pre-existing conditions covered by health insurance cannot be exhausted and varies with different insurers. Ensure to review your policy document to know the details of your cover.  

Options available for health insurance with a pre-existing condition

The options for health insurance with pre-existing conditions depend on the type of underwriting, either Moratorium or Full Medical Underwriting.

Typically, Private health insurers will propose one of these under writings as a foundation for coverage. You are likely to obtain health insurance with pre-existing conditions through any of the types of underwriting.

1. Full Medical underwriting: this type of underwriting is used by insurers to evaluate an individual’s health record. Choosing a Full Medical Underwriting option requires completing a Medical History Declaration. The process requires the individual to fill out an application form providing information about their medical status and history. You will respond to questions regarding your health and medical history, and your health insurance provider will assess your details and resolve your coverage.

Full Medical underwriting usually ignores pre-existing conditions from the cover and any associated situations; when you get your policy document, you will understand the precise conditions not included in your cover.

2. Moratorium underwriting: A moratorium is when an individual’s insurance policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. This option does not require you to complete a Medical History Declaration, meaning you can hasten up your policy implementation.

The insurer will alternatively exempt any pre-existing medical conditions for which you have sought advice, received medical treatment, or suffered symptoms within five years before your policy begins. Nevertheless, suppose you don’t receive any treatment, symptoms, or advice for two years after the beginning of your policy; in that case, your insurer may reestablish cover for one or more of these pre-existing conditions.

How to buy health insurance with pre-existing conditions

One way to ensure you receive the right policy is to compare health insurance quotes from various insurers. Different benefits are associated with different policies in the case of pre-existing conditions. Comparing health insurance quotes can help you get the right coverage for your needs.

Bottom line

Individuals with a pre-existing condition can still obtain health insurance, including the rest of the mind that comes with it. That some insurers won’t cover pre-existing conditions doesn’t mean you won’t get the right coverage for future illnesses. You must check with each provider independently, as not all insurance companies will give the same policies. You can also ask your insurer to review the exclusion to know how to secure health insurance for a pre-existing condition.










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