10 Customer Service Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship In 2023

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Required at People Partners: Receptionist:

The client is looking for a receptionist to welcome clients and visitors to their workplace. You will be in charge of directing clients to various areas of the business, getting in touch with coworkers about visitors, taking messages on the phone, sorting mail, and distributing it. Be friendly and accommodating when greeting customers and visitors. They guide clients through the workplace so that they can find their way around. They are Helping with various office duties, including copying, faxing, writing notes, and scheduling travel. They are setting up training and meeting spaces. They are professionally answering the phone and rerouting calls as required.

Senior Manager/Director for Consulting – Health Finance Advice with PwC Middle East is needed (Dubai): 

By pursuing a career in healthcare compliance practice, you will get the chance to work with a team that provides risk and compliance services. You can collaborate directly with the top professionals in the industry and provide helpful advice when you work in consulting. PwC gauges performance by their capacity to produce the value their clients’ and employees’ needs. Their reputation is based on developing enduring bonds with their customers and strongly emphasizing providing value in everything they do. By providing strategic and operational deep industry expertise, they focus on helping clients solve difficulties. They take great satisfaction in establishing enduring bonds with businesses and organizations, ensuring we can always offer the most significant perspectives and answers to aid them in resolving any pressing problems they may encounter.

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Luxury Estates Real Estate Needs a Telesales Executive:

To inform them about real estate offerings or list properties for advertising:

  1. Call prospective or current clients, property owners, and landlords.
  2. Send potential buyers or property listings to the appropriate property advisors.
  3. Prepare daily calling reports and enter and update customer data in the database.
  4. Go above and above to encourage additional sales with the capacity to multitask and carry out various administrative tasks as required.
  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, need cobblestone at Career Match.

Energy trading firm Cobblestone Energy focuses on the wholesale electricity markets in Europe and Great Britain. They are a member of the new breed of businesses shaping the direction of international commodities trading, founded in 2017. Around 50 employees from over 20 countries make up the diverse team at Cobblestone Energy, which beliefs in bringing in the best talent from all over the world. Our flat organizational style allows each team member to own their job thoroughly and guarantees that ideas come from all levels. We think about giving our employees open possibilities for growth coupled with ongoing criticism and encouragement, which enables us to hide our flaws and advance as a team in novel and exciting ways. After 18 months in your capacity, with the appropriate performance and talent, you might be in charge of the power desk for a whole nation. Join their dream team by coming!

PwC Middle East needs a manager of nationalization talent acquisition:

One will have the chance to make a difference at PwC by assisting in the full use of all of our employees’ abilities and talents by pursuing a career in human resources within Internal Firm Services. By focusing on the essential competencies that measure and drive individual and firm-wide performance in the marketplace, you’ll support our firm-wide principles while assisting the local offices in implementing the firm’s people strategy. Everyone at PwC needs to be purpose-led and values-driven leaders at every level to truly stand out and be prepared for the future in a constantly changing world. They have a worldwide framework for developing leaders, the PwC Professional, to assist us in achieving this. It provides transparency on the abilities we need to succeed and advance in our professions today and in the future. It gives us a standard expectation across our lines, regions, and career pathways.

The People Partners are looking for a Business Development Expert:

Have you had an experience in business development, and are you searching for a new challenge? Do you have experience working in business-to-business, consulting, or real estate? Do you desire a position with one of the top Sharjah-based company formations? My client is looking for a competent business development specialist to grow their business and enhance our branding initiatives. Building networks with industry experts, preserving unique client relationships, and negotiating deals are all part of your responsibilities as a business development professional. Developing and analyzing corporate processes to achieve long-term growth. You are watching for chances to boost profitability and track revenue streams. Evaluation and enhancement of marketing, branding, and sales techniques. to enhance market share, conducting a competition analysis

PwC Middle East requires a Senior Associate in Deals, Deals Strategy & Transactions – Consumer Products – Dubai:

Deals Strategy & Operations (DS&O) offers strategic and operational guidance during all phases of a deal, from formulating the deal strategy to carrying it out after it has been closed.

Examples of the services they provide include:

  • Helping funds choose the best course of action.
  • They are identifying problems and potential bargaining chips.
  • We are executing deals smoothly.
  • We are making adjustments to provide synergies and improvements after integration.

  For a Senior Manager/Director (Dubai), PwC – Powered By Qureos, Consulting – Health Financing Advice position, please visit CareerMatch Dubai:

Working with a team that delivers these services is one of the benefits of a job in our Healthcare Compliance practice, part of our Risk and Compliance services. At PwC, our ability to produce the value clients and employees need is our yardstick for success. The foundation of our reputation is the development of enduring bonds with our customers and a commitment to providing value in everything. Working with the top professionals in the industry and available advisory services will be a chance for you to consult. They put much effort into assisting clients with their difficulties by providing strategic and operational deep industry expertise.

People Partners needs a beautician (FT):

Are you seeking a new challenge as a beautician? Are you fluent in Indonesian? Do you wish to participate in a new Dubai-based project? Hair washing, cutting, style, coloring, and scalp massaging and care. People partner with Applying cosmetics, giving facials, and advising on skincare procedures. They Provide nail art, manicures, pedicures, and advice on color. They use temporary and permanent hair removals procedures, such as electrolysis and waxing. Recommend principles for individual skincare routines. They cross-selling cosmetic treatments and items, fix consultations, and record therapies. They maintain a clean, hygienic work environment and equipment. Assessing the situation and making sure there are enough supplies.

IR needs a business development manager (UAE):

To Build Great when it Matters Most is the goal of IR. Some of the world’s most important and creative businesses use IR software. Their vision at IR is to make the world a more innovative and uncomplicated place to live and work. They offer insights, monitoring, and support to keep payment hubs, unified communications ecosystems, and contact centers operating as they should. We began as a one-person operation in 1988. We are an ASX-listed company with 200 employees and serve over 1,000 organizations worldwide. We operate by the tenets of being inventive, collaborative, and solution-focused, and as we expand, we invite individuals who share these values to join us on the adventure.


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