Branch Loan App And All You Need To Know About It

Want to know how to use the Branch loan app to apply for a loan? In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know. How often have you been in a predicament where you need money now? Despite our best efforts, sometimes borrowing money is necessary to survive. Of course, it is excruciating, but if you have nothing else you can do, you may get help from the Branch loan app. A personal loan could be ideal if you need money to help with debt consolidation, pay past-due obligations, or finance a significant purchase.


What is Branch Loan App?

The Branch Loan app originally debuted in 2015, and Nigerians may download it starting in 2017. The app has grown tremendously over the past two years, with over 1.2 million users and over one million loans given, totaling over N9 billion in Nigeria alone. This astounding growth rate attests to the demand for and utility of its services. The app may be downloaded through the Google Play Store if you use an Android device. The company began operating in the nation’s financial technology sector in 2017. As of now, it has amassed over 10 million app downloads with 4.3-star reviews on the Google Play App Store.

Branch Loan
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What Is the Process for A Branch Loan in Nigeria?

Loans of various quantities are one of the services offered to customers on the Branch’s lending platform in Nigeria. The Branch sells products that are made to help those in need, primarily its customers, wherever they are. With the help of the Branch quick loan, you may obtain loans ranging from medical loans, which are beneficial for those with health issues. It gives patients a chance to get financial support for their care. Firm loans are designed for business owners starting new ventures or looking for expansion opportunities for their current enterprises. Students needing to cover their tuition and other expenditures can apply for education loans.

How to Apply for a Branch Loan App?

Branch makes it incredibly simple to borrow money, and the process takes 20 minutes or less! All procedures listed below can be used to secure a loan.

  • Install the Branch Loan app on your Android device (no iOS version was available when this piece was published).
  • Fill out a short form after creating an account.
  • You minimize needless delays in getting your loan and give accurate information.
  • Find out how much you may borrow, then apply.
  • Within 24 hours, the funds will be in your bank account.

What Takes Place If Branch Loan Isn’t Paid?

If you don’t pay back your Branch loan before the deadline, you’ll be penalized, and the interest on the loan will keep accruing.

What is the Branch Loan Interest Rate?

Branch Loan is made to meet unique demands and promote user growth. Their loans have terms of 4 to 40 weeks and range in size from $1,000 to $200,000. More significant loan amounts become available as you establish credit with Branch, and all loans are accepted, issued, and repaid straight from the app. The Branch is famous since they don’t impose late fees or rollover costs. Additionally, they advertise quick and helpful customer service accessibly around-the-clock via the app.

Repaying a Branch Loan App

  • Open the Branch Loan application.
  • Choose “My Loan”
  • Select “Tap to pay”
  • Enter the sum of money you wish to reimburse.
  • Choose your desired payment option from a bank or debit card.
  • Select “Continue”

Within 24 hours, they will authorize your request to return the debt. Contact the Branch Loan customer care at nigeria@branch.co or support@branch.co for help if you face any problems when repaying your loan.


Compared to other lenders like Migo loan, the Branch loan app now ranks among the top finance applications in Africa in terms of general usage. As a result, it has expanded its audience and helped more individuals escape financial isolation. You may concentrate on expanding your business and reaching your objectives by using the app to handle your financing demands efficiently.


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