Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs in Toronto Hiring Now

First Nations Health Authority is looking for candidates for travel nursing positions in Toronto.You will perform various essential nursing tasks and services as a community health nurse in the Ulkatcho First Nations community.18.75 hours each week (Part-time)The Provincial Public Health Order issued on October 14, 2021, is in line with the First Nations Health Authority’s mission to promote health and wellness.At First Nations Health Authority, all personnel is required to have a COVID-19 immunization.This policy mandates that all workers have a complete COVID-19 vaccination.You must submit a copy of your BC Vaccination Card Passport with the QR code to verify your immunizations if hired.

Hospice Travel Nurse
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When making decisions and planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and interventions to address health challenges, one applies and uses critical thinking skills and essential nursing knowledge.To make decisions about nursing services supported by evidence, including program planning, development, and priority setting with individuals, families, groups, and communities, nurses collect, evaluate, analyze, and apply data from various sources. They also interpret the data for professional and public audiences.Combines nursing and health knowledge from various theories, models, and frameworks to address the health status of communities, health disparities, health determinants, methods for health promotion, illness and injury prevention, and health protection—case management and the variables that affect the provision and utilization of nursing and medical services.Advocates for public policies and programs that advance and safeguard people’s physical and mental health and their communities.Promotes a self-management care strategy for chronic diseases and involves people as active participants in taking action to alleviate health disparities.Promotes and applies culturally suitable and relevant methods for establishing connections and rendering nursing services.Collaborates and exchanges knowledge with First Nations people, students, and other health team members.Engages in cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and intersectoral collaborations to improve the health of communities, families, and individuals.Leads the emergency medical, clinical, and community response team as necessary by delegating tasks, keeping an eye on activities, and offering assistance, direction, and general coordination in handling problems.Does further relevant tasks as required.



 A university-recognized nursing bachelor’s degree

Experience as a nurse for one (1) year (preferably in acute, emergency, med Surg, or public health)


British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives current practice registration (BCCNM).

A Class 5 BC Driver’s License in good standing

Information, Abilities, and Qualities

Grasp of and aptitude for utilizing First Nations cultural norms and conventions in professional settings.Knowledge of traditional, homeopathic, or other healing modalities practiced in the community and the application of trans-cultural nursing concepts, principles, and theories.Understanding First Nations cultures and origins, how culture affects attitudes and responses to health concerns and communication patterns.Understanding the population’s health status, health disparities, the factors that influence health and disease, the foundations of primary care, strategies for promoting health, preventing disease and injury, protecting one’s health, curative, urgent, and emergent care, rehabilitation, and supportive or palliative care.The understanding of nursing, including the nursing process, nursing theories, and nursing practice principles.Talents or approaches for addressing problems.

Benefits of Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs in Toronto

How a Travel Hospice Nurse’s Pay and Benefits May Vary

Highest pay rate in the sector.

401K programs

Flexible contracts range from 8, 13, 26, and 52 weeks.

Employment that is both full- and part-time.

Your travel nurse recruiter is available around-the-clock.

Available for overtime and double time.

Requirement of Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs in Toronto

Many travel nurses considering careers as hospice nurses must know that providing hospice care is still a specialist occupation.Hospice travel nurses have undergone specialized training to assist patients nearing the end of their lives or who are terminally ill and to help their families.They can recognize their patients’ requirements and rapidly and successfully implement the proper solutions. A hospice travel nurse agency may additionally need to meet the following requirements:

  • A state nursing license and a registered nursing degree, preferably an associate’s degree
  • Compact for Nurse Licensure
  • Certification in Basic Life Support
  • Certification in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Additionally, many hospice travel nursing firms demand that their hospice nurses have at least one to two years of prior hospice nursing experience.

How to Apply

To learn more about travel nursing positions in the hospice sector in Toronto, click the link below.



You will work as a Community Health Nurse in the Ulkatcho First Nations community, performing various crucial nursing duties and services.You will touch on several program areas, including community health and primary care, via promoting and maintaining the health of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations.


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