Retirement Visa In Thailand Requirement, How to Apply, And Cost

Applying for a Thai Retirement Visa is open to foreigners over 50 who desire to retire in Thailand. The formal name for a Thailand “Retirement Visa” is a Category “O” of the Non-Immigrant Visas for Thailand, although it is the more widely used word. You can apply for a Retirement Visa at the Thai Embassy in your home country before traveling to Thailand, or you can enlist the help of our visa specialists after you are in Thailand. You may rely on our visa experts’ help no matter what you decide.

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The Retirement Visa: What You Should Know

The phrase “Extension of Stay Based on Retirement” is also known as the “Thailand Retirement Visa.”


Applying for it overseas is an extension of a Non-Immigrant O Visa or Non-Immigrant OA Visa.

A single entrance or several entries are also possible with the visa.

It is a long-term Thai visa that allows the bearer to stay in Thailand for one year.

Every year, the visa can be renewed, and this can be done within Thailand.

You do indeed need to reapply each year.

Types of Retirement Visa in Thailand

For foreign nationals, the Thai government offers two different types of retirement visas:

  • The One-Year Thailand Retirement Visa (“O-A”), awarded to foreign nationals 50 years of age and older from all nations, is valid for one year with the possibility of renewal yearly.
  • Only foreigners older than 50 from specific nations can receive the 10-Year Thailand Retirement Visa (“O-X”), valid for five years. For a maximum of 10 years, it can be renewed one more.

An individual with a retirement visa for Thailand must work in a different scenario.

Eligibility for a retirement visa for Thailand O-A

The followings requirements must be met to qualify for a Thailand Retirement Visa:

  • You must be at least 50 years old when you submit your application.

You must satisfy one of the following monetary requirements:

  • An 800,000 Thai Baht security deposit was held for two months before the visa application in a Thai bank account.
  • having a monthly salary of 65,000 Thai Baht
  • The security deposit plus an income of 800,000 Thai Baht each year
  • You must not have a criminal history anywhere.
  • For the length of, you must get Thai health insurance.
  • Remain with at least 40,000 Thai Baht in outpatient coverage and 400,000 Thai Baht in inpatient coverage yearly.
  • A Thai General Insurance Association-approved company must be used for health insurance.

You must be free of the following conditions:

Free from syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, and addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Eligibility for A Retirement Visa for Thailand O-X

You must complete the following guidelines to be qualified for a 10-Year Thailand Retirement Visa: The day your application is submitted; you must be at least 50 years old.

The following nations are required for you to be from:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • the United Kingdom
  • Netherland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The United States
  • To proceed, you must have the necessary funds.
  • An account in Thailand with a security deposit of at least 3 million Thai Baht and 1.2 million Thai Baht or more in yearly income
  • For this period, you are required to have Thai health insurance.
  • Remain with at least 40,000 Thai Baht in outpatient coverage and 400,000 Thai Baht in inpatient coverage yearly.
  • A Thai General Insurance Association-approved company must be used for health insurance.
  • You must be free of the following conditions:
  • The third phase of syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • You must submit an annual report to the immigration officers in Thailand to confirm that you continue to comply with the rules.

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Application Documents for a Thailand Retirement Visa

To support your application for a Thailand Retirement Visa, you require several papers.

As follows:

  • Your passport has at least one blank visa page and is valid for at least another six months.
  • Your passport must become valid for at least another 18 months if you seek a one-year visa.
  • You completed and signed the Visa Application Form, which you can pick up when you submit your application in person or download from the website of Embassy or consulate website.
  • Application for a Retirement Visa in Addition (completed and signed)
  • A photo of yourself the size of a passport with the following details:
  • A light background
  • was taken in the last six months
  • You must maintain a calm demeanor and look directly ahead.
  • You must be able to see your entire face.
  • Only for religious reasons, and even then, if it doesn’t conceal the face, is headgear permitted?
  • Only glasses without hefty frames or that do not hide your eyes are permitted.
  • One of the following (as appropriate) will serve as proof that you fulfill the financial conditions outlined above:
  • Bank Statements and Letter of Guarantee attesting to the deposit in the Thai Bank, which follow the criteria outlined in the “Eligibility…” section above.
  • Bank records demonstrating a yearly income of at least the amount shown in the “Eligibility” section above.
  • *Bank statements require a Notary Public’s certification.
  • Police Certificate from the local police force attesting to your lack of criminal history.
  • A Notary Public must certify the certificate.
  • A recent three-month-old health certificate attests to your lack of an infection with one of the forbidden illnesses (leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, addiction to drugs or alcohol, or third-phase syphilis).
  • A Notary Public must certify the certificate.
  • Proof of health insurance meets the Thai General Insurance Association’s requirements, which provide yearly coverage of at least 40,000 Thai Baht for outpatient care and 400,000 Thai Baht for inpatient care.

How to Apply for Thailand Retirement Visa

You must apply for a Thai retirement visa at a Thai diplomatic post in the nation where you now reside.

The following is the application procedure:

  • You should contact the Thailand Embassy or Consulate before submitting your visa application.
  • If they have a website, you may also visit it.
  • Find out their business hours, days off, and preferred form of payment for the visa cost.
  • Set up a meeting if one is necessary.
  • Gather the paperwork needed for a Thai Retirement Visa.

Send the paperwork and the visa application.

  • You can apply to the following embassies or consulates, depending on where you do so:
  • In-person
  • Via the mail, you must include a pre-paid, stamped envelope.
  • Wait while the application is processed. Obtain a visa and passport. They would be mailed to you if you applied to mail.

You can apply to alter your visa category to a retirement visa at the Thailand Immigration Department in Bangkok if you are currently present in Thailand on another form of visa.

Cost of Retirement Visa in Thailand

Depending on the kind of visa you are looking for, there are various fees for Thailand retirement visas. However, they may vary depending on the nation from where you are applying:

  • 2,000 Thai Baht for a 1-Year Single-Entry Retirement Visa in Thailand.
  • Paying 5,000 Thai Baht will get you a 1-Year Multiple-Entry Thai Retirement Visa.
  • 10,000 Thai Baht is required for a five-year Thai retirement visa. You should budget for the following processing expenses for your Thai Retirement Visa.


Although there are prerequisites and conditions, the retirement visa in Thailand is the easiest to apply for. Your stay in Thailand is limited to one year with this visa. You can, however, also renew it annually.


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