10 Best Part-Time Jobs In Markham, ON (Hiring Now!)

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It is crucial to have a source of income while in college. You can use the money to pay bills, finance weekend excursions, and start a savings account. Don’t you think so? The majority of institutions allow their students to work part-time for 20 hours per week, allowing them to earn money while they are in school. Additionally, why not work a part-time job that pays more than most if you’re going to do one? Here are the top 10 part-time positions in Markham.

Best Part-Time Jobs In Markham,


Customer Service Agent 1 at Serco North America, Metro East, Part-Time, Term, Non-Bilingual

Serco Canada offers challenging and lucrative job possibilities if you appreciate interacting with the public in a high-energy and dynamic setting.

You will be a qualified team member assisting the Ministry of Transportation in running all DriveTest Centers in Ontario. The 56 DriveTest Centre locations serve as the offices for our customer service representatives. Bring your knowledge and interpersonal skills. Serco Canada Inc is where exciting and lucrative work opportunities are waiting for you.

At Revera Inc., the receptionist works casually part-time.

In the field of senior living, Revera is a prominent owner, operator, and investor. We provide long-term care, assisted living, memory care, independent living, and senior residences. They know how to provide the greatest environment for those who reside in a Revera house. We foster circumstances that enable everyone to live a life of meaning because we believe everyone should have that opportunity.

Concerning their residents and staff, their purpose is to honor the human spirit in every way.

There are various sides to joining our team, and you will gain a lot from experience. Every one of our employees is treated with the utmost respect, and we go above and beyond to ensure that they feel secure and happy at work. To give everyone who resides under our roof the opportunity to advance and make the most of each day.

United Parcel Service’s part-time administrative assistant

Investigate your next career opportunity with a Fortune Global 500 company. Imagine novel ideas, take in our gratifying atmosphere, and collaborate with outstanding teams pushing you to improve daily. They know the qualities necessary to guide UPS into the future: individuals with a unique mix of talent and passion. There are roles ready to develop your abilities and advance you if you possess the traits and motivation to lead yourself or teams.

At Vitalyse Clinic Inc., the administrative officer.

Review, assess, and put in place new administrative procedures.

Work with the office support staff.

Prioritize your tasks, and make sure you follow the rules and meet deadlines.

implement administrative tasks for the establishment

Coordinate and make plans for office services such as lodging, moving, supplies, forms, asset disposal, parking, maintenance, and security.

Assist with creating the operating budget and keep inventory and financial controls in place.

Assemble data, create guides, communications, and periodic and special reports.

Organize and direct the office’s administrative processes.

Understanding of computers and technology

Posting for a part-time receptionist at Revera Inc.

Revera is a prominent owner, operator, and investor in the senior living industry. They provide long-term care, independent living, assisted living, memory care, and housing for seniors. They know how to design a Revera house so that residents have the best possible experience. They cultivate conditions that enable people to live lives of meaning because everyone should have that chance.

Their goal is to honor the human spirit in every aspect; this goal applies to both their staff and our residents. Being a part of their team entails many responsibilities, but you’ll also learn a lot from experience. They go above and above to ensure that every employee of ours feels comfortable, protected, enriched, and empowered in their work so that everyone living under their roof can prosper, grow, and make the most of each day.

Work for Farm Boy Inc. As an Administrative Assistant.

Our goal at Farm Boy is to make everyone’s experience enjoyable and exciting. Farm Boy is enthusiastic about offering a distinctive fresh food shopping experience and ensuring that we keep our promises, whether you are a staff member or a consumer.

Farm Boy is thrilled to welcome new team members who share our enthusiasm for offering the greatest fresh shopping experience as we expand within Ontario.

The position’s responsibilities include carrying out different administrative and clerical tasks to support the retail team. All employees, clients, and suppliers must receive high-quality service when the obligations are performed. The duties must be carried out in a way that is consistent with the Farm.

Posting for an administrative planning officer at Kanset Group Ltd.

  • Review, assess, and put new administrative practices in place
  • Prioritize your work and ensure all procedures and deadlines are met.
  • Carry out the establishment’s administrative tasks
  • Contribute to creating the operating budget and upholding the inventory and financial controls.
  • Assemble data, draft communications, periodic reports, and special reports.
  • supervising and coordinating office administrative tasks
  • Physical requirements and workplace circumstances
  • Under pressure, work
  • Detail-oriented Personal qualities
  • Successful interpersonal abilities
  • outstanding oral communication
  • outstanding written communication

Work at Immigration Canada Pro as an administrative assistant

Record and write up minutes for conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Establish and decide on office practices and routines.

Make and confirm appointment times.

Answer and transmit calls and messages on the phone

Respond to e-mail inquiries

compile information such as statistics and data

Purchase office supplies and keep track of inventory

Make travel arrangements, related itineraries, and reservations.

Welcome visitors and point them toward connections or service areas

Open, distribute, and coordinate the flow of information from incoming normal and electronic mail and other materials.

Set up and manage information filing systems, including manual and electronic.

Mail, forms, and other documents should be typed and proofread.

Knowledge of computers and technology

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Work at Campus Living Centers’ front desks.

The Residence Services Representative is in charge of continuously ensuring guest satisfaction. To satisfy guests, staff members must be able to listen to, comprehend, and provide the right degree of service. The Residence Services Representative will operate out of the hotel’s front desk and interact with guests frequently.

Essential Roles and Basic Tasks

  • Show off your excellent customer service skills.
  • Accept cash, other payment methods, and the computer software used by Campus Living Centers.
  • Create key cards, understand how to access buildings, and behave appropriately when using building keys.

Office Coordinator position available at Prayosha Threading and Wax Bar

Review, assess, and put new administrative practices in place

Prioritize your work and ensure all procedures and deadlines are met.

Carry out the establishment’s administrative tasks

assemble data, draft communications, periodic reports, and special reports.

Supervising and coordinating office administrative tasks, knowledge of computers and technology


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